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[OOC: i was wondering where the rest of Team 8 NOT 10, but team 8, is?? Kiba-kun, Hinata-kun and Kurenai-sensei dont leave me all alone here T_T sorry for the typo -_-"]

"So he's actually is back? And you have seen him?? Heh so I wasn't hallucinating then." Shino chuckled as he walked beside Kiba and Akamaru.
"Oh well, it doesn't change the situations we're in much does it? I mean it's only Naruto. Anyway do you know if Kurenai-sensei is back from her missions?? And what about Hinata? Is she back as well?" Shino asked.
It had been a while since they had seen each other, let alone been in the village at the same time. They had all grown stronger in the past three years, especially Hinata under her father's tutelage and practices with Neji. Shino always knew she had potential to be the heir to Hyuuga clan like she is supposed to be, but her extreme shyness and self doubt kept her from realising it. Once she realised her true potential ... well the sky is the limit.
Kiba and Akamaru had grown quite a bit as well. Well Kiba it was more physical than mental, he was still a 12 year-old in his head. Akamaru looked drastically different from the pup three years ago, now he had almost reached the full adult size that the dogs in the Inuzuka clan reached. Both were scarred from their recent missions, last three were B ranks, and the scars from their mission three years still showed faintly. They had trained feverishly after that mission. Kiba and Akamaru had become atleast 5 times as powerful as they were then. That change and drive, still puzzled Shino. What happened back then anyway???
"Uh .. oh sorry Kiba, just thinking about stuff .." Shino said as he snapped back to reality.
Just then two falcons descended upon them with notes attached to their legs.
"More missions huh? Looks like we're going off on separate missions again huh? I wonder what Hokage-sama wants to meet with me about?" Shino wondered as he continued down the main street, headed for the Hokage-sama's office. Kiba had already set off, Shino heard Akamaru trying to say goodbye.
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(OOC: The entirety of Team 10 is in some cafe.)
(OOC: OH MY BAD!!!! that was a typo!!!! i will change that right now!!! sorry about that ^_^;)